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Elm - Reception

Welcome to Elm Class!

Class Teacher: Miss Mckeon
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Scott

1:1 Teaching Assistants: Miss Ely


Doors open at 8:40 and children must be in school by 8:50.

Children will enter school through the main entrance and go home from their classroom doors in the EYFS garden.



Our topic for the Spring term is 'Growing'.


Letters and Sounds

Sounds we have learnt so far:

Phase 2: s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, e, u, r, h, b, f, l, ll, ff, ss, ck

Phase 3: j, v, w, x, y, z, ch, sh, qu, ng, th, ai, ee, oa, ar, oo, er, ur, ow, oi,


Words we have learnt so far:

Phase 2: the, to, no, I, go, into, a, an, as, at, and, if, in, is, it, on, of, off, can, back, had, dad

Phase 3: he, she, me, we, be, was, you, my, all, they, are, her will, with, this, that, then, them, see, look, too, when, now, down, for

Phase 4: went, now, down, just, it's, from, children, help



Friday 20th July: Last day of term


** PE will be on Tuesdays and Fridays**



Celebration assembly will now take place on Thursdays at 9am. You will be given an invite to attend the assembly when your child receives a gold award.


Our daily routine

8.40-8.55- Register and Early morning work

8.55-9.15- Input

9.15-10.00- Child led learning

10.00- Assembly

10.15- Playtime

10.30- Letters and Sounds

10.50-12.00- Child led learning

12.00-1.15- Lunch

1.15-1.40- Input

1.40-2.50- Child led learning

2.50- Story/ Show and tell

3.10- Home time


In the Early Years we free flow between three classes. Each class is set up to ensure that children learn through a play-based curriculum in which they are encouraged to learn through first-hand experiences and exploration.

During play children's concepts, skills, attitudes and achievements are extended.


Oak class has a small world area, writing area, fine motor area, reading area, investigation area, as well as access to literacy and numeracy activities. There is also access to an interactive whiteboard.


Elm class has a role play area, maths area, art area, investigation area, reading area and access to an interactive whiteboard. The outside area also reflects the inside classroom.


Ash class has a messy play area, construction area, listening area as well as access to literacy and numeracy activities. There is also access to an interactive whiteboard. The outdoor area reflects the inside classroom.


Items to have in school

Spare clothes- tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt and underwear


PE kit- White/ red t-shirt, shorts and trainers/ plimsoles

Water bottle - plain water only please

Book bag

Please ensure all clothing is named. Thank you



Homework is sent on a Wednesday and needs to be returned on the following Monday. Our focus this half term will be literacy. Please ensure you are writing in your child’s reading record when you read.


Activities to try at home

Practise reading and writing your high frequency words and tricky words  

Practise your letter/ number formations. 

Use money when buying something.

Find different 3d shapes around your house and describe them.

Use objects to double and halve up to 20.

Add and subtract to 20.

Count and order numbers to 20 and above.

Write simple sentences ensuring your child uses a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.

Extend a sentence using ‘and’ or ‘because’.



If you have any problems, worries or just a general question please come and see us. After school on Tuesdays there is time for you to look at your child’s learning journey.


Many thanks

The EYFS Team

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What we will learn this week...9.7.18

What we will learn this week...9.7.18 1

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