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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Mrs J. Gibbon

Head Teacher, Assessment, School Council and Safeguarding Leader


Mrs R. Tidiman 

Deputy Head Teacher, Teaching and Learning Leader, Assessment Leader, School Council, EYFS outdoor learning leader, EVC leader and Student and Parent Leader


Mrs L. Patmore

SENCO , Deputy Safeguarding Leader and Enhanced Provision Leader



Healthy Schools, SMSC and PHSE Leader


Year 2

Miss D. Hill

Year 2 Class Teacher, Year 2 Leader , Literacy Leader


Miss K. Wakeford

Year 2 Class Teacher and Computing and PE Leader


Year 1

Miss M Porter

Year 1 Class Teacher, Year 1 Leader, Numeracy Subject Leader and Lego Leader


Mrs.S. Lees/ Mrs L. Pilgrim

Year 1 Class Teacher




Mrs A. Piggot

Reception Class Teacher, Music and RE Leader


Miss K. McKeon

Reception Class Teacher, EYFS Leader, Topic leader and Display leader


Miss. K. Graham

Reception Class Teacher and NQT




Mrs K. Attwood

Nursery Class Teacher, Nursery Leader and Science Leader


Teaching Staff


Mrs A. Hutcherson- Maternity Leave


Support Staff

Mrs D. Briggs - SENCO Assistant


Mrs L. Moore - Family Support Worker


Teaching Assistants

Mrs G. Lazaro - Nursery


Mrs M. Bolton- Nursery 


Mrs J. Gibbins - Reception


Mrs T. Murphy - Reception


Mrs L. Scott - Reception


Miss Ely- Reception/ ASD Champion


Miss S. Knight - Year 1


Mrs C. Massey - Year 1


Miss G. Rose -Year 1


Mrs. F. Summerfield -Year 1


Mrs S. Rayner - Year 2


Mrs K. Emmons - Year 2


Miss C. Bradley- Year 2/ Reception


Mrs J.Tungate- Year 2


Mrs K. Mabey -Year 2


The Arc (Enhanced Provision for SEMH)

Mrs L. Patmore - Teacher

Mrs J. Swain - Teaching assistant


Mrs M. Robinson - Teaching assistant


Mrs F. Thomas - Teaching assistant


Mrs M. Barwick - Family Support Worker


Office Staff

Mrs P. Einchcomb - Office Manager


Mrs L. Jones - Office Assistant


Mrs T. Merrifield - Office Assistant


Mr C. Cousens - Site Manager


Midday Supervisor

Mrs S Clelland



Mrs S.Lee


Mrs C. Macariu


Mrs P. Mason


Miss M. Moloney


Miss J. O'Keefe



First Aid Midday Assistant

Mrs D. Moth


SEN Middays


Miss. K .Brown


Mrs F. Summerfield


Kitchen Staff

Mrs P. Coote - Cook/Kitchen Manager


Miss T. Whale - Kitchen Assistant


Mrs S. Tharby - Kitchen Assistant